Adhesive residue on hardwood flooring


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Adhesive residue on hardwood flooring

I was having a mouse problem at my house. I found a mouse hole in the corner of 2 seperate closets. I bought the "Big Gap Sealer foam/insulator" to seal these holes, which it worked like a champ, no more mices!!. My entire house is White Oak Hardwood floors and I had them refinished about 2 years ago. My house is still under remodel so I have not put the trim on the baseboards in these closets. Well, when I filled the mouse holes with the big gap sealer, the foam expanded onto the hardwood flooring leaving a hard dried residue on the hardwood flooring. I tried to scrape it up with a plastic scraper but it is not working. Is there anything I can do to get this residue up without sanding and refinishing? I have heard natural peanut butter might work or lemon juice? not For sure and any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Most likely the only thing that will take it off is acetone (nail polish remover) which will prob damage the finish. The non-acetone polish remover might work..but may affect the finish as well.

I'd probably spray some foam on cardboard and see what will dissolve it. Then maybe try a small out of the way area of flooring.

Pro's will be around....

Oh...did you check the manufacturers website for removal options?
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Go with the peanut butter, the peanut oil will disolve almost all adhesives with out harmful effects to the the surface. Works on clothes and material with no staining.
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I've heard acetone for this as well

Nasty stuff, probably have to refinish - not sure whether I'd bother for the corner of a closet, though

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