Replacing hardwood floor after water damage


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Replacing hardwood floor after water damage

Hey guys,

Took on a little water this winter due to an ice dam. The adjuster told me to replace the damaged hardwood floors. I have about 250 sq/ft to replace, which was 4" solid maple flooring stained.

I was hoping someone here would be able to give me an estimate as to how much the repair costs will be. I need to:

Remove old floor (assuming the subfloor is fine)
Install new floor.
Stain/finish to match adjacent floor.

Maybe it would be easier to tell me the costs for the materials, and then the cost of the installation and finishing.

Many Thanks,

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I don't know the rates in Mass, but last year I was getting estimates of about $ 7.00 per sq ft - Oak 2 1/4" T and G, installed, sanded and finished. At the time Oak was really cheap going for around 2 per sq ft. I assume that maple is probably a lot more now.
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The flooring is 4" solid T and G maple with a natural finish.
I cant seem to find any solid maple at 4" online..

I just don't want to get screwed by tgheh insurance company and accept their offer if the flooring is going to cost a lot more than they are willing to pay out for my claim.

I'll get a few estimates for the work, and see what the pros think...

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Maple 4", sanded and finished should run you in the $7-9/SF range. Figure about $1.25/SF for the take up and about $2-2.25/SF to refinish the existing. One thing that needs clarification though. Is your existing maple stained like you said in your first post, or natural like you said in your second? This is important because, if your existing maple is stained, I don't think you will be able to restain it on site. Maple takes stain very unevenly and it is almost impossible to stain it on site without blotches and uneven color.
In the factory they can control the application process enough to avoid this which is why you see so many stained prefinished solid maples. Also, make sure whatever contractor you select makes sure to replace the damaged wood with the same grade as your existing. #1 Common maple, for instance, will have significantly more variation than clear grade.
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The floor was installed and then stained on site. the stain is a natural stain with a relatively poor clear coat on top, which had cracked and chipped in a few spots where thinbgs have been dropped on the floor, or where there ghas beed excessice wear... For example, where a coup can has hit the floor, the top coat will be compromised, and the underlying wood will go a bit grey...

I bought the home with the floors done by the previous owner, but I have a couple pieces of bare scrap they left in the garage...

The few people I talked to said it would be trouble getting the neighboring flooor to match. I think I'm going to get a few experts to mention that and put it on paper so that I can get the breezeway, which is adjacent to the kitchen, replaced as well. they are matching floors....


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