Laminate Floor Questions


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Laminate Floor Questions

I helped a friend install some Tecsun Building Products Engineered Floating Bamboo Flooring. He was working for Lowe's at the time of purchase and he got a very good deal on the flooring. Has anyone worked with this product before and what kind of review would it get???

Another thing I noticed, when cutting this flooring with a 200 tooth plywood blade, there was some sparks when we started the cut. I looked at some of the boxes, it says, Aluminum Oxide Finish Prefinished Bamboo Engineered Flooring. Is this a "fake" bamboo floor product? What would the aluminum oxide finish do?? After looking at the box, I switched over to a carbide-tipped blade, and the cuts seemed to do just fine after that.

We made the mistake of not gluing the floor when we laid it. The guys at Lowe's said he wouldn't have to glue it. On 20/20 hindsight, we started noticing some of the joints are starting to separate. Luckily, only one side of the floor has had the trim laid down. We are going to separate the floor and go ahead and basically redo the installation. Is there a "preferred" glue to use with this engineered floor? This floor is being laid on concrete slab with the cellfoam underlayment. The floor looks fantastic except for some of joints separating.

What is going to be the easiest way to "lock" this floor together?? The best plan I came up with was to use the locking bars on the outside edge and use ratchet straps to pull the floor tightly together. Does this sound like a winner??

Lots of questions, some doubts, but the floor does look really nice. Just wondering how it is going to stand up to the everyday wear and tear...
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The aluminum oxide is the clear finish on the flooring. The sparks are normal. You are cutting through very smooth sandpaper. Carbide blades will last longer, but kiss them before you start, as they will be worthless after the project. Sometimes you have to take your lumps. Advice from box store personnel sometimes borders on surreal, so be careful. Yes, if it is a glue down application, glue the boards as you go! Why go back and do it over again? The latch and strap method will work just fine. Too bad you couldn't find a good quality click lock floor. Much less labor. Be sure to wipe your glue with wet cloth as you go. You don't want any residue on the flooring.
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Aluminum oxide is pretty durable so they put that on the top of the flooring so it wears better.
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Thanks for the replies. We debated gluing the floor when we started, but decided against it. After having it down and walking on it a little bit, we noticed some of the joints separating. With only about 600 sf., no appliances in the kitchen, and we can do this in sections, we're just going to spend about a day to do it right. All the pieces are cut except the final wall, there is a couple we need to change because of coloring, and every time I went over there, I would notice it.

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