Lambswool or brush?


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Lambswool or brush?

I have applied 2 coats of DuraSeal on a properly prepped 30' x 30' floor using a brush. I have sanded, vacuumed and tacked between coats. Floor looks good and will apply 2 more coats.

I now am considering using a lambswool applicator for the final coats but, it seems to be a technique that is not easily mastered. And, I would think "lambswool" could add contaminates into the finish.

Apparently, with lambswool, you are supposed to pour a puddle of finish on the floor and "snow-plow" the finish to spread. How big of a puddle do you pour? Where on the floor do you pour - corner, middle? How far from the wall edge do you pour the puddle of finish? Push the finish or pull? With a 30' length, how wide of an area should be done to maintain a wet edge?

I believe a brush will allow more control and a predictable result.

Any suggestions?
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I rarely do floors and haven't used a lambswool pad in quite a few years but it would definitely be quicker than a brush, it would also keep your nose a bit further from the poly fumes

I never thought of a pad having any kind of learning curve. I always thought they were pretty easy to get used to. Basically you would pour out a small amount of poly on the floor and move it around paying attention to getting a fairly equal amount on the entire pad and distributing it evenly. You can fine tune your technique as you go.

There shouldn't be any more danger of contaminants with a pad than with a brush.

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