Flat paint overspray removal from concrete - bedroom


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Question Flat paint overspray removal from concrete - bedroom

As with so many things, even though I've used the search, I'm just not sure I'm comfortable until I've heard from you experts!

I'm putting down a paper floor in this room (see below) and will need the concrete to be pretty dang clean. As you can see, the painters went a bit nuts with the sprayers in here when the house was built, so the 4' closest to any wall surface is THICK with paint, while the centers just got droppage from the ceiling.

I am aware of Soy-Gel, but don't have a sprayer to apply it with. I have seen fairly caustic solutions that I'd prefer to avoid in a bedroom.

Can TSP be expected to work in this situation? perhaps in several applications?

I appreciate the help and apologize for having my first post be a call for help!

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Welcome to the forums!

I assume all the paint is latex ?? products like 'goof off' and 'oops' do a good job of softening up and removing latex paint. Denatured alcohol will also dissolve the latex paint. I couldn't get a good read off of the pic but often water, a little detergent and a lot of elbow grease will remove the overspray from the concrete.

What's a paper floor
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I'm not sure how to tell which kind of paint it is. It's much thicker near the walls where there seems to be primer as well. For the middle of the floor, some TSP and a steel brush is doing a great job. Closer to the walls, I'm considering one of the gel based options, since I won't have to use it EVERYWHERE, just in spots.

The paper floors are great. I personally prefer them vastly over stained concrete. Here's what we did for a relative's house:

It's this simple:
1. clean the floor - or DON'T! You can just mop it, let it dry, paint and all, and paint over it with a good concrete colored concrete paint.
2. pour (slightly diluted - or not!) white glue on the floor and spread it out.
3. place pieces of torn contractor's paper into whatever pattern you like.
4. let dry
5. cover in a layer of Varathane.

That will work ANYWHERE. It's absurdly easy to do, takes high traffic and, best of all, if you drop a 10lb steel gouge and it breaks through the Varathane AND The hardened glue, you just sand down that part, glue down another strip and it looks like nothing's happened. It is hard to explain, but it also looks CLASSIER in person. If anyone is interested, I'm thinking about putting a video together.
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So you have to put down all of those pieces of paper by hand?
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The odds are the paint is all latex, solvent based coatings are rarely sprayed in today's new residential construction - http://www.doityourself.com/forum/pa...latex-oil.html

That's a nice looking floor although I have a hard time visualizing a coat or two of poly/varnish being enough protection to keep the paper from wearing.

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