Harmonics no > 1/8" and Self Leveling over linoleum


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Smile Harmonics no > 1/8" and Self Leveling over linoleum

Hi all,

We just purchased the Harmonics laminate oak flooring with attached padding. The manufacturer recommends the floor be flat with drops of no greater than 1/8". This seems kind of conservative. I see in these boards most other products rec. 3/16".

The room we want to install has a plywood subfloor over wood joists. there is linoleum over the plywood. The linoleum has chipped and looks bad so I am looking for a quick cheap fix. The plywood is a little squeaky as we had moisture issues in the crawl space but have corrected this by with a commercial Santa Fe dehumifier and by encapsulating the space with pinkboard and vapor barriers. So humidity will be constant.

When we put a 4' level, we had gaps here and there about the thickness of a nickel. There are however, only a few spots a little higher than 2 nickels, but not as high as 3 nickels. I measured 1 nickel to be a hair over 1/16" 2 nickels is about 2 hairs over 1/8".

I want to put a self leveling compound to level everything. I am wondering:
1. Must we remove the linoleum.
2. What self-leveling product is best for my subfloor? w/lin or w/o lin
3. Can I use a metal stud as a screed. I also have requisite trowels etc.

The room is large 25 x 15. I would like to do it in sections if possible.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
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1) If you want a good looking finished product, remove the linoleum and it's adhesive. You said it was pitted in places, so get rid of the problem.
2) Most any good grade of SLC will accomplish what you want.
3) "Screed"??? It's called "self" leveling for a reason. You mix it according to directions and pour it on. Light spreading won't hurt, but leveling is in the nature of the product. I would wait until I had the linoleum up before I jumped on the SLC bandwagon. It may be that you won't need it.
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Thank you Chandler for your response. I recognize your name, I remembering learning a lot from your posts around here.

If I can't get off all of the linoleum adhesive, do you think it will be a problem?

Incidently, does the SLC clean-up off the tools easily if you get right on it?

Thanks Again

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