Hardwood lost it's shine.


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Hardwood lost it's shine.

Looking for a little advice on re-finishing our fir floor. Edge grain fir with three coats of Dura Seal on top. I would call it a semi gloss finish originally. Installed and finished about 10 years ago. One small part of our dining room area (by patio door about 6ft square) has lost its shine and is worn almost down to the wood. The dining and living room are one large room and the kitchen is just off of the dining room in a L shape. All floors are the same fir and run into each other without transitions. Can I just apply another coat of the Dura Seal on the worn area? The rest looks like new. The floor finishers left a gallon of Dura Seal cleaner. I haven't tried it because I don't think this is a dirty problem as much as it is just worn down due to heavy traffic in that area. It claims to be a cleaner/ refresher. Does it work and if so does it leave a shine? If so it might just get me through until next summer when I can take the furniture outside and really air the house out after applying the Dura Seal. Thanks for any advise you can pass my way.

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Does the floor have a stain on it? or was the Dura Seal applied directly to the wood?

If there is no stain involved, you can resand the affected area and apply a fresh coat of poly. Ideally, you'd coat the worn area and then sand it and the rest of the room for the 2nd coat. Not doing the whole floor will result in the the new poly being noticeable but it might be ok until spring.

I don't know anything about the Dura Seal cleaner After 10 yrs - you reckon it's still good?
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No stain applied. Just the Dura Seal. As for the cleaner it was never opened. Don't know if it has a shelf life. Thanks for your reply. Will ponder a bit longer then decide if I should just wait or dive in and try and fix it. I keep thinking... Do it right the first time so I might just wait and do as you said. Light sand, coat and then all over coat to finish in the spring. Just finished fixing all the dry wall in the house and repainting everything, replacing a powder room and vaulting two ceilings, not sure if I have it in me to do the floor too. Cheers
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If there is no bare wood just dull i love, love, love Bona hard wood floor refresher I can't find it in stores anymore but you can order it online. I didn't get the expensive bona system (you know mop, buffer, polisher pads, pad holders and a dancing penguin to apply it) just used a basic "lambswool" pad - the results are amazing!
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You could put some "Rejuvenate" on it, it works great. It's available at Home Depot or Lowes.

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