Can you glue solid 3/4 hardwood?


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Can you glue solid 3/4 hardwood?

I nailed down my entire main floor with 3/4 hardwood now I have the upstairs hall to do with the same stuff but the hall is only 50 inches wide with 6 doorways and 2 closets so I will be face-nailing most of this space. Can I glue it down instead to avoid all of the nail holes and filling? I've heard you can't glue solid hardwood but am wondering why?
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Is your floor nailer manual or pneumatic. The pneumatic type will allow you to work much closer to the wall since you don't need a full, powerful swing and should let you get within about two feet. I put a sheet of luan or paneling against the wall to protect it from bumps. When too close to swing the hammer I switch to a nail gun and shoot through the tongue at a 45 degree angle. Then when I get too close for the nail gun I pilot drill the boards and manually hammer in the nails sometimes using the side of the hammer's head to get in even closer. Then finally I'll face nail when I can no longer think of or find a way to nail through the tongue.

I've never glued down T&G flooring. I have seen some use mastic in addition to traditional nailing with the idea the mastic further helps prevent squeaks, but I have not seen glue as the primary anchor.
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Nail down what you can and glue the rest, using urethane glue, like PL Premium, in a caulking tube.

The hard part is closing the gaps from a small bow, with such a beefy board, like 3/4. The angle on the nailer, sucks it together.

Since it is only a few rows from the wall, a pry bar and insert small wedges for a day until the glue sets up.
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That sounds like a good plan, thanks.

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