Fixing buckled floor planks?


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Fixing buckled floor planks?

I would like to sand and stain my cabin floor and have a few issues... I think the floor material is tongue and groove pine but i'm not 100% sure about the pine part.

Issue #1 - A few of the planks have buckled upwards a bunch creating a large gap. I don't think i'll be able to get them back down so can I plain the high spots down?

Issue #2 - some of the planks are a bit "loose" any suggestions on tacking these down?

Issue #3 - The cracks between each board are all different and in some spots you can see through the floor to the first level of the cabin. i was thinking of using dry oakum... Will this be ok and can should i put it in the cracks before or after sanding?

Thank you very much for anyone who can provide me some advice on this project...
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Welcome to the forums! Planked flooring can be sanded down, but, since we can't see what you see, could you post a couple of pictures (not closeups) of your situation. It may be as simple as face nailing the planks back down, countersinking the nails and sanding.
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First you need to find the cause of the buckled planks, or it is just going to buckle again, when you fill the gap, or there are going to be gaps when the heater, or wood stove, is cranked up.

Obviously, the planks have swelled since it was originally installed.

If you close the cabin up and leave, it creates a greenhouse inside the cabin. Humidity builds and the wood inside the cabin swells. All the wood, not just the flooring.

You come in and crank the heat up in the winter and it starts to shrink.

Get a hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity.

If the flooring was acclimated to and installed at 7% moisture content, it could reach 10-12% in a home closed up. That equals to a 2-3" gain in dimensions, in only 10 feet of flooring across the width/grain.

Unless you can keep the rH in a more constant state, you are not going to fix anything. You have to fix the shrink and swell first, or live with what you have.
The buckles can be fixed, but expect gaps later as the floor shrinks back.

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