Pre-attched underlayment and a sticky floor


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Pre-attched underlayment and a sticky floor

OK, here's my situation. I am putting down Pergo Prestige August Oak laminate in my kitchen. It has pre-attached underlayment. I pulled up the existing floor (sheet linoleum over two layers of old tile), and there is a good wood subfloor underneath.

The problem is that there is a sticky residue on the subfloor from whatever was used to secure the tiles. My fear is that this would defeat the 'floating' part of a floating floor since the underlayment on the back of each piece of laminate will just stick to the subfloor. I was going to just put a layer of newspaper over the subfloor so the new laminate can float. I don't want to add much depth to the floor - is newspaper sufficient? If not, what would be better?

Thanks for any ideas! Richard
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I'd try to get the adhesive up. Barring that, I'd go with a real underlayment material, not newspaper, under your floor to isolate it from the glue.
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The newspaper will work just fine, for what you are trying to accomplish.
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Do it right and you only do it once....

I would suggest that you put down a wood underlayment panel. There are lots of them on the market. I use SurePly in the Pacific Northwest but its available all over the country.

I have tried the newspaper and felt paper but in my experience during the summer you end up with a stick and release problem with the left over adhesive.

Asmy title suggests, if you do this right from the get go, then you only have to do it once. You do not want to invest this time and effort and money and have to take the floor up again.

Let me know what you decide and how it goes....

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Newspaper will work fine as long as you make sure to completely cover any sticky spots. Some installers will also sweep talc or sand back and for over the floor to eliminate the tack. I wouldn't install plywood over a tacky surface because flex in the floor will cause the adhesive to snap, crackle, and pop as it releases from the adhesive.
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If you are an old timer, then you have pulled up flooring and found old newspaper covering the subfloor. Last one I found, they were talking about the turn of last century, Galveston hurricane.

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