Refinish or replace original floors?


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Refinish or replace original floors?

Can I refinish my painted pine plank floors. It's an 1890s cottage, pine boards are nailed directly to joists (ie no sub floor). I'd like to sand & refinish these originals, hubby says no, must use these as sub flooring & add new flooring on top.
Noise not an issue as we can insulate between joists from below.
I'm trying to post a pic but can't seem to do it...
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Refinish or replace pine floors?

[IMG][/IMG]Have older cottage (1890s), floors on second floor are painted pine. The planks are nailed direct to joists (ie no sub floor). I would like to sand & finish these original floors. Hubby says we must add a new layer of flooring on top of these (ie use these as sub floor). Is this necessary? would prefer to have original floors.
Any experienced refinishers out there? the boards are about 3/4 inches thick.
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thank you for the lesson. just added pic.
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They can be sanded and finished but I agree with your husband that you'll have a better looking and stronger floor if you install hardwood over the pine. If you use prefinished flooring - it will be quicker and less mess than refinishing what you have.
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I'm not an experienced floor sander, but I think you will want to set all the nails further into the boards before you sand. All those nails will wreak havoc on your sand paper. You will definitely have to set them after you sand if you don't, and you will have a lot of shiny nail heads.
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Pine is not a durable wood for a floor, I'd go with your husband on this one and install something more durable over the top.
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I agree with setting the nails so you do not ruin you sander. But I would say sand away! Get down to the wood and stain if you want, then put down some Streetshoe. That stuff is awesome. We have 100+ year old wood floors just like you, and if you seal it up with a couple of coats of good coats like streetshoe, it will look great. Here is a pic

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