Nail gun for 3/4" Oak flooring


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Nail gun for 3/4" Oak flooring


I am putting down 3/4" 3" Oak hardwood floors in a room in my house. I have a Bostich Brad/Nail gun that I have used around the house for over a year. Can I use this type of nail gun when I install my floor?

I was at Menards and saw the guns made especially for floors, where the angle is predetermined and you hit it with a hammer to shoot the nail. Do I need one of these big honkers or can i just use my regular nail gun?

Also, can someone list some heads-ups that I should be aware of when nailing in this floor? I've done a lot of electrical, plumbing, and tiling but am short on flooring experience.

I been to Youtube and watched a few but if you know of a good, informational website please let me know.

I really am curious about the type of nail gun and length of the nails I need to use.

Any info is truly appreciated.


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I'll let the pro's answer the details of the job...but need a flooring nailer. They can be rented I believe. A finish nailer (not a brad nailer) would normally only be used for face nailing (straight down from the top) at the last row or at the beginning (nailed through the tongue) where you can't use the flooring nailer due to wall interferance.

The best thing to use is the manufacturers recommendations.

Might want to list the subfloor and type of framing underneath to get the best info.
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What Vic said. Use either 2 1/2" staples or "L" nails in an appropriate flooring nailer. You can get them online fairly reasonably priced, rent one for the job, or spend too much on a Bostitch. You will need a finish nailer as Vic said to tongue nail the first row and face nail the last two rows, since you can't get the flooring nailer with it's odd angle in to do the job.
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My sub floor is, of course the joists and then 3/4"x12" boards running at a 45 degree angle with the joists. They have about 3/8" gap between them. I took out 3/4" plywood to get down to the 45 degree boards.

What do you call that sort of nail gun so I can look it up on-line.


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Do you mean the floor nailer? it's just a pneumatic floor nailer. or do you need more specific as in brand name and model number? A finish nailer is what you'd use where the floor nailer doesn't fit.
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Harbor Freight has a flooring nailer/stapler for about 1/2 the price of the Bostitch one. Have heard good things about it. Might want to give it a look see.

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