3/4" Hardwood - 2" Cleats or 2" Staples


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3/4" Hardwood - 2" Cleats or 2" Staples


Or should I say, 'Hello Chandler'...since you seem to be the consistent first replier to my many posts. Thank you very much for your support!

OK, I got a floor nailer from Harbor Freight and it gives me the option of 2" - 16 gauge Cleats or 2" - 15 1/2 gauge - 1/2 Crown Staples.

Which are preferred?

Secondly, how far apart should I set nails? Do I nail just on the joists or can I nail every 6" (seems about right to me)? The subfloor is diagonal 3/4x12 planks on top of the joists.

Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Tripper, Are you putting down a 3/4 manufactured floor? If so, is it tongue and groove or is it snap together? If it is tongue and groove, You will want to nail it on all floor joists, running the nails at an angle back into the sub floor and joist. The nails have to be at an angle so the tongue is not obstructed and the groove will fit tightly. If it is snap together flooring, it is supposed to float and no attachment is needed, just a noise underlay beneath the flooring.
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Tripper, you don't have the best underlayment for hardwood flooring by today's standards, since you will run the chance of stapling into a void. I like using staples mainly because it gives two fasteners in one (considering both legs). Your nailer will set the proper angle back into the tongue as Stateofone mentioned. I hit mine every 6 to 8 inches.
Oh, yeah, I just try to get things rolling, like posting pictures, getting pertinent data so all the wild bunch can cut loose with good information.

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