Creaky floor


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Creaky floor

I installed solid oak hardwood flooring (Bruce 3 1/4" x 3/4") in my family room about 10 years ago. In the winter time (Pa.) I have no problem but when the weather starts getting warm the floor creaks like there's no tomorrow. I would like to remove that creaky sound but I'm not sure what I should do. Must I tear it all up and start anew or is there another way? When I put it in I butted the ends up right to the wall and left little or no space for expansion. I also did not put anything (roofing paper) down on top of the sub floor as maybe I should have.
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I think the lack of expansion room is the problem.
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It's probably a combination of the two. I don't think solid hardwood expands/contracts as much as the laminates do. You might could better secure a board or two but if it's the whole floor creaking.......
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I read a long time ago about sprinkling baby powder on the floor near the creaks and working it in between the cracks. The theory was that the baby powder would dampen the rubbing and quiet the creaks. I tried it once in a creaky spot in my floor and it didn't work but it might be worth a try...?
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Do you have a saw, or an angle grinder, that you could use to trim maybe 1/4" off the butt ends?
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Thank you all for the suggestions. My wife and I have decided to take up the floor boards and replace them with pre-finished Bruce hardwood. This time I will do the job right. We are remodeling the room into a dining room and it will look much better when finished.

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