Where to begin laying laminate flooring?


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Where to begin laying laminate flooring?

We're putting a 12mm laminate with click installation into our downstairs. We aren't sure where to actually begin laying the flooring. Here's what our layout looks like:

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We're concerned with where boards will line up on the long edge at the yellow line. Our plan is:
* Start at #1 and run the full length of that hall
* Work left towards wall #2
* Work right down hall #3
* Work left towards wall #4 and work right towards wall #5

So what happens when the boards meet at the yellow line? It's probably not going to be a perfect fit, so what do we do? I don't think the click lock system will work if we have reduce the width of a board.

We could start at wall #2, and work towards the right, but then there's still a good change the boards won't line up in the middle of room between walls #4 and #5.

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You might be better off going the longest way, less cuts you will make. Stagger your seams 12" apart and leave 1/4" gap along perimitaer for expanstion.

Start from back wall were arrows are pointing.
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laminate flooring

you have to start at a wall to get a straight line and to square it off
you will have a hard time instaling it when you start in the middle

when you get to the yellow line your gonna have to use a table sew to make those cuts to get it in right its not that hard just make sure you measure 3 times before you cut make all the pencil lines you need then make the cut and it will work

ive bin instaling these kinda floors for 10 years now

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