Refinishing laced in floor


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Refinishing laced in floor

Getting ready to lace in hardwood (2 1/4 solid red oak) between two rooms for which I removed a wall. As I got into it, I found that the tongues where running in opposite directions. Instead of battling with this problem, I went ahead and removed an 8x5 foot section of my floor in order to simplify lacing it into the adjacent room. The boards all align line up and I was able to savalage some of the boards I pulled out. The floors where recently re-finished last year by the previous owner. I am reinstalling a mixture of original boards and new boards (red oak) so that 8x5 section will need to be sanded smooth. My question is, since the floor was recently refinished is it necessary to sand the surrounding floor (the whole room is 400 sqft) down since the finish on the non-repaired boards is new? I'm guessing the answer is yes, since I have an 8x5 section which will be completely bare. Is it possible to simply refinish the 8x5 section only? Also, I've read a few places the some shellac diluted with denatured alcohol will help the new boards blend better with the old boards. Does this work? The finish is natural, but the poly used is oil based so the boards have ambered a bit.

Any input is appreciated!
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I'd put the poly on and be done with it. Will it look different due to the amber tone the older flooring has picked up? Yes, but with a little time the new floor will amber as well.
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Just be sure you use oil base poly on the new! Oil based poly deepens the colors naturally in the wood. Waterbased poly just provides a protective film and does nothing to change the color so if you used water based - it would never blend in.

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