Laying sub floor panels in basement, now have a problem


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Laying sub floor panels in basement, now have a problem

Hello everyone,

I'm laying Ovrx Barricade sub-floor panels on my concrete basement floor. I finished laying the tiles in what will become the wreck room with no problems at all, however.....

I have now started to lay tiles in the hallway leading out of the wreck room and noticed that the concrete floor is slightly lower (approx. 1/4") than the floor in the wreck room.

I noticed this when I transitioned the tiles through the doorway out into the hallway. The first hallway sub-floor tile I put down was attached to a tile in the wreck room. Lo and behold, the tile in the hallway is raised about a 1/4" since it's attached to the wreck room sub-floor.

To solve the problem, I decided to start laying a new row of sub-floor tiles in the hallway without attaching them to the ones in the wreck room. This obviously leaves a small gap in the door way leading from the wreck room to the hall. My questions are:
  • Will a transition strip solve the floor height differences if I plan on installing laminate or vinyl flooring?
  • Or, should I try to bring the hallway floor up to the same height as the floor in the wreck room?
  • Will the variation (1/4") in floor height between the two rooms cause the finished flooring to come a part, or will a good underlay solve the minor floor height difference?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!!
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Taper shim under the subfloor
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I'm with Perry, you could shim the lower panels slightly to where there is only a slight grade from room to room. The only other alternative would be a transition strip, but that would be obvious, and I think the seamlessness of the installation would look better with a shimmed underlayment. You may find your final floor will require a transition anyway, but having it all at the same level will make it look better.

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