Ok quick question on subfloor


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Ok quick question on subfloor

Hey everyone I have a question, I am putting in a PERGO floor in a spare room and I just got done tearing up the old floor, there is wood planks undernieth. Should I lay down 1/4-inch Luan Plywood next with drywall screws?? The pergo will have the form backing attached already. Thanks!
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I wouldn't bother with 1/4 inch but use no less than 1/2 inch Superply. Never use "drywall" screws for anything but drywall.
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Drywall screws are not strong enough, use deck screws.
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Make sure the planks are secure well to the floor joists. You should go around and pound down any protruding nail heads and supplement with deck screws where boards are loose or squeak. I would add at least 1/2" of additional material but would defer to how "stiff" your current floor is. If you have a bouncy floor to begin with, now would be the time to beef it up and go with 3/4".

While drywall screws have a course thread and drive very nicely, they are not strong enough for any flooring application. If you want screws that are easier to drive than Phillips head deck screws, consider square or star bit deck screws. They allow you to apply more torque to get the screw into the hardwood.
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yeah the floor is kinda loose, it a old house 1835, do they make 1/2 luan ply? I will use deck screws prob secure the planks more. There are slight imperfections in the planks, meaning some are raised just slightly, I dont think it would causes any problems but maybe I can sand them down. You can tell the previous home owner has replaced planks for some reason- rot, warp I really dont know. I will try to post some pics, my contractor told me 3/4 luan, but he has not seen the planks, they were just described.
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Use 1/2" AC plywood, good side up. Don't drive loose nails down, pull them. They aren't holding now, driving them in won't make them hold later. Replace with longer screws. "Luan" is too soft a material for use under hardwood flooring. It will compress too much, and you don't need that slick of a surface for your wood flooring. Linoleum, yes. Wood, no.

Pictures would help.

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