Can I reverse laminate planks for installation?


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Can I reverse laminate planks for installation?


I'm installing a floating laminate floor in my friend's home, but the job has turned out to be bigger than originally anticipated. To that end, I didn't start the job on a wall as I know I should have. I started it in front of the fireplace (middle of the room where the wood floor meets existing tile entry) (with an 18" clearance) and that seemed to be the most logical place to start. As I know this wasn't the correct place to start, I'm wondering if I can reverse the planks to go to the front door? I'm installing Pergo brand, if that helps.

I can't see how this can be done, but maybe I'm missing something? I'm not a professional, just a DIYer! So, please be kind! Thanks!
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Having trouble picturing what it is that you up against. By Reversing the planks do you mean install them backwards? Laminate for the most part is a unidirectional install. You start on one wall and work toward the other, dodging obstacles as you progress. Given that, you can try the following:

Start at the wall you should have started at and work your way toward the already installed section. Walk back you math on how wide the boards are so that the final board that touches the already installed ones is no more than say 1/4" short. This will leave a gap between the two sections around 1/4". You will need some flooring glue that is designed for engineered flooring (don't use elmers or wood glue, bu engineered flooring glue). On the male end of the laminate, which should be the back side of the already installed portion. Take a chisel and shave off the locking hump that in on the male end. This will leave a smooth tongue. Run a bead of flooring glue down the tongue and slide the two sections together. You can use a prybar against the far wall to muscle the section over. Most likely your friend will need to assist aligning everything. Tape the seam tightly with blue painters tape 18" long every foot along the way. Let it sit overnight before moving on.

Or do the right thing and un-zip and start at the far wall and install per manufacturer recommendations.

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