Pine Flooring Finishing Question


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Question Pine Flooring Finishing Question

Using a water-based Poly to finish new pine flooring. Have on two coats of sanding sealer (sanded before and between each coat and following last coat).

Now installed and doing the finish coats of poly. Two coats on with no sanding between coats as they were done within 6 hours. Now on to coats three and four.

Instructions on the product call for buffing between these coats with buffer using 120 or 150 grit screen or maroon buffing pad. I don't really wish to rent an oscillating buffer for this. Nor do I wish to use sandpaper as it sometimes leaves grains of sand.

Might I be able to abrade the surface with some other method? I was wondering even if something like a Scotch Brite Pad would do the trick?

Need pro advice here with thanks in advance.
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Sanding is required between coats so the next coat will adhere well. The scratches caused by fine sanding as long as they go with the direction of the grain won't be seen once the fresh coat it applied. A light sanding with 220 grit is enough to insure adhesion. A scotch brite pad should work also as long as you go with the direction of the grain. Whatever method you use - you still need to use a tack cloth to remove any dust prior to applying the next coat of poly.

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