Awkward gap at the end of Laminate installation


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Awkward gap at the end of Laminate installation

Hello all,

We are laying down some floating laminate flooring for the first time. We do not have much experience with DIY but are trying our best to learn and do things right. Apparently, the measurements taken of the room were not quite correct or something because now that the last row has been laid, we are left with an awkwardly small gap between the flooring and the finish wall. (I know that we are supposed to measure and cut the starting row to avoid this very thing.. my husband swears that he did but clearly something didn't go right) I would estimate that the gap is about half an inch wide. Too wide to be covered by the baseboards.

Any suggestions on what we can do to correct this? My husband thinks he will just cut some strips of laminate very narrow and use a pull bar to lock them into place but I am not certain that it is possible to cut the boards that narrow. If it IS possible, could someone reccommend what type of saw to use for this (table/jig)?

Otherwise, please offer suggestions for how to cover this gap.

Thank you!!

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If you have not, pull the baseboard - that will give you an additional 1/2" on top of your current gap.

Sometimes the floor shifts while you are installing. Go to the starting wall and see if the gap has narrowed from what you originally had. Use your pry bar on the starting wall and see if you can push the floor over to re-center the floor.

You can also put shims behind the bottom of the baseboard before you put it back up to bump them out into the room a little more.

Lastly, go with 3/4" quarter round (I swore I would never recommend...) and re-center the floor with that on both sides.

If you go with the thin strips, make sure you glue them in place to keep them tight.
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If you remove the flooring to the point where they were coming out right and take about 6" off of the next row you'll end up with a longer end piece.
Take a look at the install directions you should never try and use short pieces on the ends, there going to work loose.
That were you using for spacers to hold it away from the wall?

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