What grade of plywood to use for raising subfloor under laminate?


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What grade of plywood to use for raising subfloor under laminate?

I am installing a floating laminate floor in my kitchen. I removed the old floor and am down to the 3/4 inch decking. I need to raise the sub-floor (1/4 inch should do) to avoid large gaps in door jambs and want to make sure my starting surface is smooth and level. The decking is a bit chewed up and gouged, not to mention the remnants of staples from a previous floor. I also hope this will add some rigidity and help do away with some squeaking.
So.... what is the grade of plywood I need to use. I'm trying to go the economical route as I have about 350 square feet to go over.

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Well, it isn't inexpensive but I recommend Superply A-C.


Your local lumberyard should have an equivalent product if they don't have the Superply. I like it because it has few voids in the interior plys along with a hardwood face. Using a high-quality plywood under laminate is more important (in my mind) because laminate is an inferior floor from the get-go.
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1/2" of regular plywood would be perfect and provide some rigidity to your floor. If you have squeaks, now is the time to address them. Squeaks are caused by floor movement and the nails/staples moving or rubbing against the floor joists. Take time now to get some exterior screws (deck screws) and screw the subfloor down. Pull any nails that are causing squeaks. Laminate does not need a super flat floor like vinyl sheet goods, but it does need a floor that does not bounce and is relatively flat. 1/4" will not provide any support or rigidity to your floor.
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No way I can talk you out of installing laminate in your kitchen, is there? That's next to the last place I would install laminate. Bathroom is the number one. Remember laminate is MDF, or HDF at best with a picture of wood on it and a coating of aluminum oxide. When it gets wet, and it will, consider the alternative of replacing it.

Good advice on the subflooring so far, so good luck with the install.
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That's funny I just got done removing laminite in a kitchen and a bathroom. Both as you suggested fell apart. Both are about 1 year old.
I told the customer last year not to do it but his wife just had to have it.
Ching Ching, show me the money.
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Thank you all for your replies. Debating between 1/2 and 1/4. As far as the material and a little background, I have just pulled out a failed porcelin tile install, including screwed down cement board. Not fun. I am going with a good sound laminate so I think I will be ok. Planning on starting a new thread to hopefully get opinions on why thinset would fail.....

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