Eng Wood - Install Method, Where to Buy


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Eng Wood - Install Method, Where to Buy

I appreciate any input you can give me on this.

We are considering putting in an Engineered Wood Floor. We are in Texas and it will be on a slab. My thought is to go with some type of click lock, with a 2in1 pad underneath, floating the floor. As an alternative to the click lock, I am not entirely opposed to going with a tongue and groove, gluing the t&g and floating it.

I have looked at a few floor stores and they seem to turn their nose up at any kind of floating install, yet everything I read seems to indicate it as being a good way to go. Not to mention, some of these folks either don't seem to know much about the different products and installation methods or they are just trying to push a particular product. I would not of thought choosing a wood floor could be so much trouble, heck it is wood, folks have used it for years, centuries.

This will be in my home and I may do it myself, so I want a product that goes together well an will hold up, without spending a fortune.

Anyhow, what is a reputable place to buy. My first thought is home depot or lowes, in case I have problems with the product, I should be able to return it or have some recourse?

Another option locally would be floor & décor. How is their product?

What are some good online options? I have found True Hardwoods and Hoskings online stores?

Also, any particular brands to look for or to look out for?

I do appreciate the help.
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Anyhow, what is a reputable place to buy. My first thought is home depot or lowes,...
The big box mega-mart homecenter is the LAST place I would buy a floor. Even Costco would be a better choice in my opinion.

Lumber Liquidators is a nation-wide distributors of flooring and they sell a mass amount to DIYers. In the pacific northwest we have Great Floors and they also sell a huge variety and a fair amount to DIYers. I really think that you will get the best service from a company that specializes in flooring but you may need to travel a bit to find a good one.

As for the Internet...I have found that ifloor.com has what appears to be good pricing but more important, good information for anyone looking to install a new floor.
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As much as I love HD and Lowes, they are not very good when it comes to hardwood flooring or tile. Check your yellow pages and go to a local store that can give you the help you need. Carpet stores, tile stores, general flooring stores all carry hardwood flooring, or will order it in -- with knowledge to help.
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On my current basement remodel, the client purchased 5" wide click lock stranded bamboo from LL. Oh, what a sweet install this will be . I was anticipating engineered flooring, so this is a bonus. Click lock is the way to go. Gluing is a mortal PITA and if you don't get all the glue up as you go....well, it ain't pretty.
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Gluing is a mortal PITA and if you don't get all the glue up as you go....well, it ain't pretty.
How well I know!

Laminate was still pretty new when I had it installed in my living room and hallway. I selected a top-of-the-line Wilsonart product and when the guy was laying it, gluing each seam, he just did a swipe and a promise with a damp rag over each seam as he went along. Having read the instructions that stated to thoroughly remove the squeeze-out as you go I questioned him but he assured me it was easier to lay the entire floor and then do the clean up. Heck, I'd never done it and he was the pro so I figured he knew what he was doing. He finished about two-thirds of the floor, mopped it and was through for the day.

When he returned the next day I showed him how with a different slant of light all the glue stains wore VERY obvious. He used a piece of scrap flooring and scraped and washed at the glue stains for a while and then finished the rest of the floor. It was better but still far from perfect. I complained to the salesman and he sent a laborer over and this man spent most of a day on his knees scraping, washing and polishing that floor to remove the glue stains. He worked like a dog and when he got done it was difficult to see any of the glue stains.

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Well I have to be different. I worked in flooring in home depot for 3 years and went to school at 3 different engineered floor companies. Home depot sells great flooring if you do not buy the specials and cheapest product. If you purchase a brand name product it is the same product you will get from other flooring companies. again stay away from specials and lower priced flooring. its not a deal.Most Home depot associates in flooring (specialist) know the product and give good advice.

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