My weird sub-floor


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My weird sub-floor

Hey all,

Tackling my flooring job this week, just ripped up the carpet and found this;

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Bit weird right? I was told when I purchased the house that this room was likely an old single-car garage when it was built, but converted to a second living room by a previous owner.

My issue is with these areas;
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Its a bit higher than the rest of the floor, the corner joist area is easily the highest spot, probably 1/4" over a span of about 8ft. Obviously I need to ease these height differences before I lay down my floating laminate with the pad preattached, my question is what would be the best method?

I've heard of using roofing shingles, and it seems like a simpler solution rather than using some sort of leveling compound. Also, i figure i could sand down that high spot( but not the vinyl that is next to it).

I want the job to be as solid as possible, but removing the sub-floor to re-level everything is absolutely out of the question, unfortunately.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this problem.

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Actual, how about #30 roofing felt? Seems a bit easier to manipulate for my situation. Whaddaya think?
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Sure looks like partacle board to me. Not a sutable sub floor for anything.
If it's exacly 1/4" off I'd just use 1/4 A/C plywood to raise it.
It's gong to need to be fastened every 4" on the outside and every 6 to 8" in the field.
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I think the particle board looking stuff is the linoleum, while the main floor is enameled concrete. What the wooden thingy is, don't know.
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Alright, I removed the yellow checkered looking stuff (vinyl, linoleum?) to find plywood. The brown stuff next to it (large section) is also just a linoleum or vinyl covering with plywood underneath, at least i'm pretty sure it is. Now that I've removed the putrid yellow stuff the floor overall is much more flat, with the only exception being that corner where I imagine a wall used to sit. I sanded it down a bit, and that helped. Still a bit off.
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Thx for the response.

It's not quite 1/4, and it's only that corner area where the 2x4's meet in the first picture. More of a bump in the floor than anything else...
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Alright guys, tired and frustrated here. Started laying the laminate today and I'm already having some issues. I started with the longest wall (which has a large sliding glass door) with no issues. The next row went in just as easily. However now that I'm on the third and fourth row, my laminate isn't popping into place, just kind of popping out.

I'm thinking it could either be my floor isn't flat (it is a little off, but nothing that gave me something to worry about in the beginning), or I'm not laying the laminate straight ( I didn't snap a chalk line or anything, just using spacers up against the wall). Here are some pictures of those damn planks

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Any tips/advice/free money would be greatly appreaciated!


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