wood floorboards are separating!!


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I bought a house built in 1946 with wood floors. I have never had wood floors, so I'm not sure how to take of them.
At first, they just had small lines between the boards, so I filled them in with the colored wood filler. That seemed to work, but now the gaps have become much bigger in some areas, to the point that they feel like they are moving out of place when I walk across the room, and that I am going to pinch the bottom of my foot between the boards any second. This seems to be getting worse and looks very ugly. How do I fill the gaps and stop the movenment of the floor? It feels like the floor is getting weaker, but I have no idea how woodfloors are suppose to behave. There is a crawlspace under the house.

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What you're seeing is the seasonal expansion and contraction of the floor itself. During winter, dry heat will cause the floor to contract, or shrink and will show gapping. Once warmer weather appears and your home is open to the oustide elements, moisture and/or humidity will cause the floor to expand or take on moisture and the gaps will close.

The only tested method I know of to minimize the movement is to keep the home relative humidity constant at 45-50% year round. Running a humidifier in the winter months will work as well and helps on dry skin too. The doctor is NOT in

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