Looking for help finding specific floor: Oak, beveled, 2 1/4, natural, flat


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Looking for help finding specific floor: Oak, beveled, 2 1/4, natural, flat

I am trying to match a floor from the first floor on the second floor. Since the floor is not directly adjacent it does not have to be a 100% match. I like the finish I have. The current floor was custom installed and used a Bona finish.

I am looking for the following:
2 1/4"
red oak
natural (not yellow)
mat finish !

Other than the mat finish requirement it is fairly easy to find such a floor.
I really don't like even mildly glossy floors.

Does such a prefinished wood exist?
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2 1/4 red oak should be easy to find, but the problem is, it will tend to patina to a golden color as it ages. Unfortunately, most yellow colored red oak is natural with a normally occuring patina. Mirage and Model both have a variety of finish options and have UV blockers to limit, not eliminate patinization, unfortunately both are quite expensive. I know it's more inconvenient, but if you're happy with the Bona, site finished would probably be the most cost effective.

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