Sealing laminate floor seams [Relocated post]


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Sealing laminate floor seams [Relocated post]

I would also like advice in this matter. I just finished installing laminate in our hallway, where one of our five cats had occasionally peed previously. It may get peed on overnight and not cleaned up promptly. Some of my seams are not perfect so I was told to use silicone. I didn't use glue for any of the seams except where I laid planks at the door jambs. Is it such a bad thing to seal with silicone? If so, why? How about some wax rubbed into the seams?
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You can try wax, but you are victim to a poor product to begin with. It is not happy when it gets wet. It consists of medium density fiberboard, a picture of wood, and coats of aluminum oxide for a finish. The only suggestion I have is a clean litter box nearby, or a pee pad in the vicinity.
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I agree 100%.
There is no way to even get the silicone in the seams.
Wax will be useless.
If there's open gaps at the seams already then it was installed wrong, there should be 0 gaps.
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Thanks, gentlemen.
We basically do have a "pee pad nearby" which in our case is a small step rug by our front door. There was already a pee incident and basically it absorbed the liquid.

As for the seams being without gap, this was my first job of its kind and, uh, there are gaps. That's why I'm worried. I think the ikea laminate also was not THE best quality. Not bad, but I'm wondering if a top of the line laminate would have made better seals.

So I'm left with gaps and that's why I'm trying to prevent any potential water damage. Chandler, you said I could try wax. You'd recommend that over silicone?

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