Sanding new hardwood flooring.


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Sanding new hardwood flooring.

Hello all, I tried searching for the answer to my question by I couldn't find a direct answer any where.

I am putting down brand new Canadian hardwood floors (in the process), my contractor told me because they are brand new I don't have to sand them and we could just go ahead and stain them the color I want.

I am a little skeptical about this but I am not 100% sure if he is being honest or just being lazy.

Would the wood be damaged in anyway of we do not sand?

Will not sanding come back to bite me in the rear in the future?

Will there be a difference in the finish between sanding and not sanding?

Is a sanding really required for new hardwood flooring?

Thank you all for your response in advance.
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I may be wrong so wait for a Pro to answer, but yes I think they need to be sanded unless they are pre-finished. My reasoning is that you need to remove the mill "glaze" and open up the pores of the wood so the stain takes better. Also, a light sanding will even out any minor imperfections in height.

I would look at the manufacturers website, or call the vendor/supplier to get the straight skinny. Is your contractor a flooring only guy, a GC, or a handyman type?

Here is a similar question from a few years ago....
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He is a GC, but I think he needs to do at least a light sanding.
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I've never heard of anyone putting down a new unfinished floor and not sanding it!! It might stain ok without sanding but the floor will never be as smooth/level as it should be. Prefinished flooring comes with a bevel on each side of the boards, this bevel hides any minor discrepancies between 2 boards. Unfinished flooring doesn't have that bevel and any changes in height between 2 boards will be noticeable!

The floor should be sanded with a drum sander, filler applied to any cracks between boards, sanded again with a buffer/sander and then it's ready for stain or 1st coat of poly!

Any contractor that would suggest skipping the initial sanding would make me very skeptical of his work. I've run across some contractors that do things wrong because they don't know any better. I don't know if he is lazy or just doesn't know better ..... but I'd be looking for a different contractor!
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Take a flashlight and lay it on the floor and shine the light across the seams between boards. Any height differences will cast a shadow on the adjacent board. It will easily demonstrate to the Contractor that sanding is needed or not. My guess is that you will get the sanding completed after this exercise.

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