Fire on hardwood floor! What is a boy to do?

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Fire on hardwood floor! What is a boy to do?

Good evening to all!

Firstly please forgive my first post as being a question rather than an answer to someone else. I recently bought a beautiful 100 year old home from an elderly couple that had owned it for the last 40 years. The one thing my SO & I didn't like about it was the master bedroom though - had carpeting in it that was quite ratty. I would guestimate 25 years old. Additionally it was the only room in the home that had carpeting whereas everywhere else there was hardwood throughout.

So cut to 2 weeks after closing I rip up the carpeting & notice there are deep black marks on a section of the wood underneath that covers about 2' x 3'. My first thought when I look at this is there was a fire on this section of the wood. It is that bad looking and had the characteristic 'charcoally' look to burned wood. WOW is what I think! I attached 3 images of it so hopefully you can see it. After googling a bit about water/cat damage, I really don't think that this is that.

So I guess a few questions for the group at large:

1) Is the standard method of ripping up & replacing each board going to cut it for this type of job? I mean is there some structural damage underneath I should be wary of?

2) If I hired this out, what do you expect this would cost to fix?

3) My sellers did not disclose this to me at all & given this room is the only one with carpet, it makes me think they were trying to cover it up. Should I attempt to go after them for the repair bill?

4) I do have a home warranty on the property. Would it be worth filing a claim for this, or is this not considered a 'system' so I wouldn't get any help from them.

Thanks much. I do appreciate any help!
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Welcome to the forums.

We don't think badly of you for asking a question first.

That sure looks like fire damage..... charred wood. It should be soft and crumbly where black.
It looks like just surface burns but bad enough that you would need flooring replaced. I doubt the warranty company would do anything as it's only a cosmetic thing..... not structural.

As far as disclosure.... good question. I'm not sure on that one. Maybe check with your realtor.
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I think hardwood flooring widths have changed over the yrs so it might not be as simple of a job as it would be on a new house. Hopefully you can find a source of old flooring that will match what you have [the room would still need to be sanded/refinished] You might also consider removing the hardwood out of a closet or another room to use to replace that wood.
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I don't think that would not fall under disclosure (but I'm not a lawyer) as the room was finished with carpet when the house was sold and it appears there is no structural damage. I wonder if a kerosene or other space heater was used. You can see the un-burned square in the center where something was sitting. I assume there was damage to the base molding and wall as well.

You might get lucky and find wood ready milled to the correct width. It's a pretty standard repair to remove the damaged planks and feather in replacement boards though I think you have a snowball's chance of matching the wood texture and color perfectly. If you are a stickler for details you might be able to remove floor boards from the closet to repair the area then put new boards in the closet or just sheeting like plywood or OSB and carpet the closet.

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