Plank laminate over tile--Advice Needed


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Plank laminate over tile--Advice Needed

Prior occupant installed 12x12 tile over ground floor concrete. They did poor job and I don't want expense of tear out. Can I install plank laminate flooring which requires gluing or nailing directly on top? What sort of adhesives would work well on the tile? How should the surface be prepared to prevent problems and increase the longevity of the flooring? Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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Welcome back to the forums! Laminate flooring requires an underlayment, so gluing it directly to the tile is out, as well as nailing. I don't like laminate flooring, so that's out of the way. It is merely MDF with a picture of wood on it with a coating of Aluminum Oxide. It gets wet, it buckles. In a basement even though the manufacturer says it is OK, I shy away from it.

Now if you want a quality floor for below grade that will lay directly over your existing tile, look into one of the Luxury Vinyl products such as Allure.
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how bad is the tile floor? you may be able to quickly patch the tile floor to make it level and put on regular laminate. I patched a 9x20 room in a few hours using this cement below, before installing laminate:
Henry 549 7 lb. FeatherFinish Patch and Skimcoat-12163 at The Home Depot
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I'm not seeing anything about basement or below grade? Now whether the FeatherFinish is a good choice for filling the grout lines level with the tile, I dunno. It does say so on the box, I've only used it on bare concrete.

A floor for laminate doesn't have to be level...but it does have to be flat.

If the problem is lippage and high, low, or loose tiles, I'd be inclined to demo it. Hauling it out may be a big job, but likely using a rental demo hammer and a wide flat blade would make short work of it. Removal will also eliminate or minimize any issues with floor height and doors, transitions, etc.
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"Basement and below grade" were thrown in as freebies, since it was not specifically mentioned, but
"concrete" floor was.

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