prefinished hardwood vs laminate flooring


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we are getting ready to build our dream home.we are stuck on the flooring issue of laminate vs prefinished hardwood.we do not know which way to go. we have a 4 year old. we were told that both cost the same to put down. if anyone has both or one of these flooring materals please respond. I WANT TO PUT IT IN THE FOYER,DINING, KITCHEN AND BREAKFAST NOOK. I DO NOT WANT IT TO LOOK BAD IN A COUPLE OF YEARS.WE NEED HELP!!
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Both costs the same? No contest in my opinion.

On one hand, you have a floor that looks kinda like wood, adds no value to your home, will look good for about five years, sounds funny when you walk on it, and will require difficult board replacement if you drop something heavy on it. And you will be explaining to your friends for years that "this stuff is really just as good as real wood, and most of the time you can't even tell it's not real."

On the other hand, you can have a floor that will last 200 years, will be featured on the real-estate flier when you sell, and has a great deal of warmth and charm. Can you really imagine saying to your friends that "this stuff is really just as good as laminate, and you can't even tell it's not laminate."
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I agree with John:

The benefit of genuine hardwood flooring is the fact it can be refinished many times over whearas a laminate cannot. Too many are led to believe laminate flooring is nearly indestructable. Sure the selling tactics look great, but test it for yourself by dropping say a hammer from four will damage and the fix isn't easy as John mentions.

I can't imagine a laminate floor lasting anymore than 10 years(if that) in high traffic areas without some unsightly damage, and the only solution will be to replace it.

Good Luck
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To Dreamhome-wood floors

I was in your shoes 15 years ago when we were building our dreamhome. I didnt have the new laminates available as a choice but there were several options available. We went with prefinished oak strips from Bruce. It is in the hallways, kitchen and dining room. Now 15 years later I cant wait to replace it. Once again (like you) I am struggling over what to use. We have 3 kids who have gone through baby,toddler and kid stages on that floor. It is VERY difficult to keep clean and shiny. I needed something I could damp mop but with the floor we have you cannot even use products containing water. The floor is dull, scratched and it never feels clean.We can see accumulated dirt on the bottoms of our white socks. We have been cautious with water and spills and sweep daily with a broom to get the gritty dirt off the floor to prevent scratching. Our floor has indented grooves between the boards that catch dirt and
any spilled liquids. This is just my two cents worth and I do agree with the other posters that wood is certainly more "valuable" and more desired that laminate but from a maintenance perspective, what we have is awful. I welcome any response to this post as I too am considering different options. Good luck in your quest. Let me know if you find the perfect choice.....TLV
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Hi Everyone, thanks for the information on this subject it has been very helpful. After going round and round we ended up deciding on a Wilsonart laminate floor for our new addition (which includes the kitchen). Ours is an older home that has the oak flooring and we experimented with the oak flooring in our bedroom. When first refinished it looks great. But then over time with the temperature and humidity swings...well, it doesn't look as great now. The "value" factor isn't as important to us because we feel that A) we don't see us moving in the next 5-10 years and B) having a floating floor just might be a good selling point after all (don't like the floor Mr & Mrs Buyer...don't's easy to get rid of and put what you like in. It certainly is a good point for me when it does come time to replace it. Well that's my two cents...I'll let you know how it goes.
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Your engineered (3/8 inch I suspect)wood floor did last 15 years of heavy use. It's a veneered floor - have you considered refinishing it. It should be able to be sanded and redone at least once and maybe even a second time. Any shrunken boards leaving excessive cracks can be replaced.
Either a solid 3/4 inch oak or a laminated floor would surely require refnishing or replacement, respectively, after 15 years. Bottom line is I guess there is no perfect floor covering.
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