DYI cliffnotes for hardwood installation


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DYI cliffnotes for hardwood installation

Hi everyone...

Iím going to install hardwood floors in our bedrooms, they are currently carpet.

Iím fairly good with home improvement projects but have never installed hardwood floors. Has anyone used any good youtube videos, books or websites that detail hardwood installation? There are a ton out there, but Iíve ran across some bad videos on youtube for another project and looking for a recommendation or two.

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You Tube videos will be a crap shoot for you, IMO. What do you need to know? We can walk you through it step by step and answer any questions you have. Basically it entails measuring the room to determine any aberrations in the size (longer on one wall than the other), having the right equipment available, such as a good flooring cleat nailer (I prefer them to staples), and a 15 gauge finish nailer with 1 1/2" nails. You will need a good miter saw, jig saw, and a table saw for long rips (may not need it absolutely).

Clear the room of furniture if possible, remove baseboards if any, lay down 15 lb roofer's felt and begin with the floor square across the room. Flooring must be acclimated to the rooms it will be installed for at least 72 hours. It will take 2 (3 better) people to lay the flooring at optimal speed.

Let us know the specific questions you have and we'll try to answer them.
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I'm getting ready to do engineered wood for my two story house. 1st floor is concrete floor and 2nd floor being wood, they both currently have carpets.

I'm guessing the 15lb roofer's felt as underlayment? Is it ok to use on both concrete and wood sub floors?

I have read many how to's articles and seen videos. And still trying to decide between floating and glue down. Some contend to glue just the nose and leave it floating. Some glue down to concrete without underlayment. So much choices, cant decide ....

What would you suggest?
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Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendation for underlayment for warranty purposes. You can't seal roofer's felt like you can the edges of true underlayment. I would HIGHLY recommend a click lock engineered flooring of 5/8" or better. Lays fast, no messy glue, and it floats.
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I've watched several videos and read several comments about laying click lock engineered wood.

1. Floating install, just click-lock. Some complained they come off within time.

2. Floating install, click-lock but glue the nose.

3. Glue entire plank to the concrete floor with click lock.

Many has complained that floating install without gluing them down to the concrete causes that funny feeling and noise like the laminate when walked on. Is this an inherent with floating or improper installation?
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Floating floors will never sound as solid as something that is nailed down. But, the only time that is noticeable is when you drop something on it. For everyday use, you will never know the difference. I would either go with an engineered click lock, or a 3/8" engineered glue "together" over the concrete and a nail down upstairs where you have a subfloor. You will use a manufacturer recommended vapor barrier/sound deadening underlayment for the floating floor over the concrete. To prevent the "funny feeling" about walking on floating floors, make sure your prep work involves making sure the slab if level without high spots and low spots.

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