touchup spots on hardwood with polyurethane.


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touchup spots on hardwood with polyurethane.

Long story short I have some spots where paint stripper got on the hardwood floor.

The floors are in fair condition but now looks worse because of the polyurethane bubbled and came off in spots. The floors are not stained it just looks like it has polyurethane on them.

I touched up with Minwax Helmsman polyurethane satin because that's what I had for the door I am refinishing that caused this problem.

It flashed and the sheen looks like a gloss compared to the rest of the floor.

I went to the store and did not see any flat polyurethane.
Do they even make it or something else I could use?

Is there a way to dull the touched up spots to make it blend better?

If so what and how.

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First, you have to touch up with the same product and sheen that was there in the first place. After that, touching up polyurethane is a skill - I cannot do it but I have seen those who can.

Short answer is you might be best to sand and coat the whole floor.
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First you need to determine the sheen and type of poly. Polys come in satin, semi-gloss and gloss. Water based polys tend to have less sheen than their oil base counterpart. Waterbased poly doesn't change the look of the wood any other than to give it a sheen. Oil base poly will deepen the colors naturally in the wood and amber some as it ages.

Helmsman or any spar poly/varnish isn't the right coating for floors. It's formulated for exposure to the weather and dries to a softer film than interior poly which means it won't wear as well on the floor.

Once you have the right sheen/type of poly you should be able to touch up individual boards. While ideally you'd want to use the same coating as was used originally - the right sheen and base should be acceptable.

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