How to restore floor after using brillo pad on wood floor


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How to restore floor after using brillo pad on wood floor

Used a brillo pad to remove some paint from some hardwood floors. In retrospect a bad idea as now there are spots on the floor where it was scrubbed. What's the best way to fix? Would something like "Pro Shot Industrial Re-Newing Floor Restorer And Finish" work? Or do I need to refinish from scratch? Floors were finished about a year ago using oil-based poly.

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220 grit sand paper is used between coats of poly. Not sure where a brillo pad compares but once you have sanded the brillo pad scratches down to that point, if needed, another coat of poly should do the trick.
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Thanks. Do I need to poly the entire floor or just the spots? Can I use clear poly or do I need to use the identical stain? Finally can I use a water-based poly instead of oil (even though the original coat is oil) as I want to avoid the fumes with a baby in the house?
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A brillo pad is basically steel wool plus soap. I'd be leery of applying water based poly over oil poly as it might not adhere as well as it ought to.

What do the brillo pad scratches look like if you wipe them down with mineral spirits [while the wood is still wet with the thinner]? You could just repoly the boards affected and hope it blends in over time. You have to do complete boards and not overlap the poly onto adjoining boards.

It might be possible to hide the scratches with wax. The downside to trying wax is if it doesn't do the trick - you need to completely remove the wax before you can apply any poly!

for future reference,
Ideally paint would never get on the floor [cover it up well] but when dried paint gets on the floor it's often best to carefully scrape off each drip. Products like 'goof off' and 'oops' will dissolve latex paint and shouldn't harm the oil base poly.

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