Brazilian walnut acclimation

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Brazilian walnut acclimation

I bought a new home back in August that was a foreclosure. The house had great bones but needed a gut job, part of the deal on the new house was the wife wanted hardwood flooring throughout the first floor. We had painters, drywall repair, HVAC, carpet, and hardwood flooring all set to go in order to get it all done in time before we listed our other house for sale. TWO letters I am sure people know LL. It was hell....... We decided to go with brazilian walnut because of its hardness and style we loved all the different colors. We have Two dogs and are expecting children soon. Everything was going smoothly floors was delivered and in the house for 2 weeks with humidity inside a constant 40%. I was worried about the subfloor thought because after we ripped all the old flooring out I did a Urine treatment on all the sub flooring and then soaked it with vinegar. The installers came out to install everything was set to go....... Well the moisture was fine on the subfloor 11% the IPE unfortunately was at 5.5%. They would not install the flooring..... So the waiting game started, we waiting another month with countless calls to corporate they did not know what to do had no answers, only solution they had was return it and get engineered hardwood. NO thank you! So after a lot of arguing and waiting for it to acclimate for over two months they came and got the wood and I am done with the company all together, it was a horrible experience.

We really wanted IPE so I was told by a few people to go to a local chain that is family owned and has a great reputation. Flooring came in and they wanted to rack it out as soon as it was in the house to let it breath. this was November 15th. after a week of it still not even being able to be read (m,moisture meter they had only went down to 6%) I noticed my humidity in the house was low in the 20's (heat was only running 3 hours a day so the humidifier was barly running in the house). So I bought a portable whole house humidifier and put it on the main floor, its been keeping the humidity around 40-45% so here we are on the first of January and the flooring is still not getting a reading, and the sub floor is at 9%.

WHAT SHOULD I DO!??!?!?! they want to install the floor but I have my reservations....... Could the meter not be reading correctly? he has 3 meters, the two with spikes show it to low. The one you just lay on top of it shows just fine 10% but he just got it and doesn't trust it. We have held of on getting our appliances so we have been without a kitchen sense october and my wife is about to move out!

I live in a Detroit suburb.
Inside humidity has been 40-45%
temperature 65-70
The wood has been racked across all rooms that it will be installed in.... all 1,200 square feet what a pain this has been. we did this november 24th.

The product is Viking Brazilian Walnut. 3 1/4

We have used 5 different types of meters all show the MC low or unreadable the only one that had hope was the one without the probes but if you moved it an inch you would get a completely new reading.

I would do the oven test...... but I do not have appliances to do it.....

Has anyone worked with brazilian walnut before? have you had issues with acclimation?

What is the longest its taken someone to acclimate flooring?

Can someone recommend a Moisture meter that has a specific IPE setting?

Could there be an issue with moisture meters reading this wood because it is so dense?

How long should I wait to install it?
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Where are you trying to get the wood acclimated too? Moisture content seems about correct. Ipe is very dense, I'm not sure how much it will be affected minor moisture fluctuations. As long as the house has been continuously conditioned, you have been running the HVAC you should not need more than a couple 3 or 4 days to acclimate. Unless the product was stored long term outdoors, you should be OK for your install.

Don't worry about subfloor readings vs top readings, you install with a continuous piece of felt paper separating the two. I've installed African Walnut, but not Brazillion Walnut and can't imagine going through what you have.

I'm a little more concerned with all the moisture you added to the subfloor with the urine and vinegar treatment. Then you have spread all the other stuff out on the floor so the subfloor can not dry itself out.
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What up with the urine treatment and vinegar?
If there was pet stains and odor then the normal thing to do is seal the subfloor with a sealing primmer.
I would have done that weeks ago, laid out the tar paper and had that floor done weeks ago.
If your trying to lower the humidity in the wood why are you running the humidifier at all?
IPE is so dense it's not going to expand and contract like outer wood.

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