laminate flooring in older house


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laminate flooring in older house

Hello everyone,

I would like to refer to myself as a DIY coneseur, however I am still learning. I am going to be installing laminate hardwood flooring in my bedroom, and i've installed it before in newer houses, but i've never done it in an older house. I have a couple of questions regarding installing it.

First off, the obvious issue is how I install the flooring around the older style door casings. They are the older 1x6 casings. In the newer houses, I just used a coping saw to cut the bottom of the casing the size of flooring, but with the older style, the baseboards and casings are flush with each other, so when it comes to laying the floor, the floor wont come under the casing. Do I just run the quarter round all the way up to the end of the casing in that case ?

The other question I have, which is the bigger question, is what do I do in the case of walls that have a register at the bottom of the wall ? They aren't in the floor, they are the older style cast iron (or aluminum, not sure what they are made of), wall vents. I was thinking that you can just remove the vent, run the flooring underneath it and reinstall, but than that runs into problems where the vent is too high on the wall. I was also thinking of cutting the bottom of the vent and sliding the flooring under it, but than that runs into the issue of being able to cut the vent. I was also thinking of butting the flooring up to the front of the vent, and cutting around it, but than there will be a gap running up to the vent.

Could anyone give me some advise, and if possible, some pictures ? I spent quite a bit on the flooring, so I dont want to waste it, so i'd like to do it right the first time. The other one is what my older style baseboards and door casing look like.

Below is a picture (not taken by me, and not exactly how it looks, but this is the type of vent it is) of what the wall vent looks like.
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Welcome to the forums! Your baseboard moldings will come off first, then use a jamb saw (rented locally) to undercut the door jambs for a tight fit. As far as the duct register, what is under it now? I would try to raise the register and redrill holes to accommodate the new location after the floor is installed. I would not try to cut the metal.

Just to be clear.....laminate is not "hardwood". It is MDF with a picture of wood stuck to the top of it and a few coats of Aluminum Oxide sprayed on. It is not refinishable should it become scratched. It will react adversely (and quickly) to moisture and water spills. It will clack under foot. You say you have already ordered it, or have it on hand. Can you fill us in on the brand/style, etc?
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What I meant by laminate hardwood, is it's embossed laminate that is in the texture/look of hardwood. It's made by Shaw, and I picked it up at menards. The problem with removing the base boards, is that all of the walls in the house are plaster and if I remove the baseboards I run into the chance of crumbling the plaster, and having to completely redo the wall. Also on the vent, if I remove the vent, then raise it up, aesthetically, it won't look right. Inside the wall there is a metal vent that the plate screws onto, so if I move it up the vent is no longer going to be aligned with the opening in the cover.

What is on the floor now you ask ? It's the original wood planking. It's an older house as indicated by the plaster walls, so there was no sub floor, they put everything on wood planks. They are all mismatched, in different orientations, and in pretty rough shape so I can't just resurface them and use that.

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