Help on laminate floor


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Help on laminate floor

I am installing swiftlock 8mm laminate. I am having problems when installing the boards next to each other. Sometimes boards fit flush and sometimes small seam.
When boards fit end to end no problems. I have been using the tool to try and close the gap. Any help would be appreciated
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Make sure the channels of the groove side of the click lock are free of any flecks of wood shavings. MDF is not the best at maintaining a smooth channel. Any obstruction will cause issues with the installation. Then, it is important that the whole tongue engage the channel before rotating the piece down. If it provides resistance when trying to pivot down, wiggle it a little as you go to help it seat properly.
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The "wiggling" part is the key.
As your lowering the piece in place work it up and down getting closer to the floor each time.
Once it's all the way down tap across the face of it with a rubber mallet. (use a dead blow hammer or a white rubber mallet, a black mallet will leave skid marks.)
If the pieces is not laying flat on the floor on it's on and it's trying to lift up it's not fully locked.
One trick that's speeded things up for me and I ended up with less damage it to lay out a whole row at a time laying the pieces flat on the floor, and close to the pieces that have already been laid, engaging all the short butt joints fully.
Two people can now easily lift and lay a hole row at a time this way.
If one of the butts open up just have someone stand on the piece next to it and tap it in from the end.
If your trying to use one of those toy install kits Pergo sells, consider taking it back and buying the Roberts brand tools.
The tapping block is taller and about twice as long, the Z bar is about twice as thick and far longer to get you away from the wall when trying to tap in the last piece.

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