Removing orange-glo 4 and 1 from hardwood floor


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Removing orange-glo 4 and 1 from hardwood floor

I hope someone on here can help us. My son just refinished the oak hard wood floors in a 70+ home we own. He did a beautiful job and they looked amazing until he used Orange Glo 4 in 1 on them to clean them about a month after they were refinished. They have a polyurethane finish on them. Now they look like crap!! It looks like someone mopped the floor with a dirty rag. There are some shinny spots and just dull looking streaky spots. It looks awful!! My son is so upset!! He took his time and did such a good job refinishing the floors. They were beautiful until he used the Orange -Glo !! Anyone out there have any ideas on how to remove the Orange -Glo from the wood floors with out hurting the finish. Just praying that we don't have to strip the floors down again and start all over. Thanks for your time and any advise you can give us. It is much appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums! An open bucket approach using Murphy's Oil Soap and a rope mop may help to remove the residue of the Orange Glo. If they were beautiful, why did he use Orange Glo?? You won't have to strip the floors. If you do decide to use the Orange glo, they make a "daily cleaner" that does not have a build up, so check the labels of what you are using to make sure it is a cleaner, and not a polish or wax.
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While I don't know much about Orange Glo, I'd bet there are instructions on the label concerning removal [or contact the company] An ammonia solution might also work to dissolve and remove the wax. Whatever product is used, expect to rinse the mop/rag often!
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Here is the solution that worked for me I found on another website.

"by: sheila2x2
After many tries at removal (Orange Glo ruined our beautiful wood floors) i discovered GOOF OFF Spray or pour on, leave for about 30 seconds, rub with a towel and it pulls up all the Orange Glo junk!!!! So much easier than the many hours required with ammonia, windex, etc. Really works, finally!!!!!! GOOF OFF can be purchased at home depot, etc. Good luck "

IMO you are better off buy it by the gallon as the spray can only covers @ 3' x 3' area. Liberally apply to small area of floor with a sponge or paper towel. Leave on for a minute or so. Take a plastic bondo applicator/spreader and lightly scrape the floor.

The wax buildup will look like skin peeling from a sunburn. Collect this and rinse tool in a clean bucket of water. Wipe up any residue with a paper towel. Repeat for any areas you miss. You will be able to tell when the floor is clean. The floor will feel smooth and no milky residue can be seen.

This is a labor intensive exercise but not hard. You will learn quickly and be happy with the results.

Goof Off not Goo Gone!
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I can't comment on whether Goof off will work or not but the fumes are extremely hazardous.
Be sure to open the windows and ventilate the room well.
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Goof off is basically enamel reducer, a solvent, I'd be cautious putting that on a urethane floor!
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Goof Off dissolves latex coatings and has little effect on oil base coatings including poly. Goof Off is never used to thin/reduce oil base enamels.

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