Flooring Transititions


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Flooring Transititions

Hello there, relatively new DIYer here, first home, not huge, and we don't have a large budget, but we are going to make it the best we can.

I am installing a Hard wood Laminate product throughout the main floor, which is relatively open concept. Its a 12mm plus 2mm attached under pad floating floor. The panels are individual plank style, 48" X 5".

My question is very similar, I have the flooring laid in the first room (bottom of picture), with plenty of spacing around the edges (to be covered by quarter round) but am about to extend it into the "Hallway" (as much as its a hallway) and then into the diningroom/kitchen (located at the top of the picture attached)

The entire length of the house (top to bottom) is 30 Feet. The manufacturer recommends transitions between each room, and in any room greater in length than 26 feet.

As you can see from the floor plan there is only one relatively narrow area that the flooring would be continuous, all the other sections will have expansion room around the edges. My question is, and I know this isn't anything I can bank on, do you think I can get away without using a transition between the living room and the rest of the house ?

We just think a transition will really ruin the look we are going for, nice flowing uninterrupted flooring throughout. Also very worried about trying to find an exact match for the flooring, which after some considerable searching I have not been able to locate.

Perhaps there are better materials for achieving the look we are going for, but, like I said we don't have them in the budget. If you can let me know your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.

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ItryDIY, welcome to the forums!

One of the drawbacks of laminate flooring is the requirements you have called out for transitions between rooms. This has to do with the need for expansion and contraction which is integral to the service life of the floor. In otherwords, It is the price to pay for saving money vs a nail down solid or engineered floor. Believe me, you won't notice the transitions.

Look to unfinished oak t-molding which should be available locally and choose a stain that closely matches your floor. It will blend in well. Use a satin poly finish if your flooring is not glossy. I would try to get away with one transition in the lower doorway of the drawing supplied.
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Itrydiy, there's no such thing as a hard wood laminite.
Sure it's not an engineered floor?
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Thanks for the feedback guys (yet I know its not really hard wood, in laminate made to look like hardwood) ... I was really hoping to get away without a transition strip, I know you don't think I will notice, but I am quite sure I will.

I was hoping you would have said we were only 3.5 feet beyond dthe manufacturers recommendation for maximum width and we could probably get away with no transition piece. But, alas, I will go ahead an install one.

Unless you changed your mind ?

Thanks again,


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