Where should i start?


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Where should i start?

Going to be installing Shaw stone looking laminate.
The area is 30ft long and 12 ft at the widest point in the eating area
Thinking I should start in the laundry room and work my way out.
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Going to need a transition strip in the middle of the door openings
There just is no good way to lay laminate through openings and corners like what your going to be dealing with and have has it come out looking like one solid floor.
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If you do that, you are likely to end up with some problematic cuts or really narrow pieces. I would strike a chalk line down the length, from whatever is next to the laundry (hallway) all the way to the far wall of the eating area. Then I'd measure out from that line in each area and see how the cuts are going to fall, and adjust the position of the line to get the best cuts in the most areas. Then I'd figure out how the cuts are going to fall in the other direction and adjust starting point to optimize that as well.

Remember to check the install instructions for maximum run without transition strips. You may not be able to run the full length or width without transitions. Even if it's permissible, you may want to have some transitions anyway. One reason would be that rooms are almost never square, especially over the whole length of the house. If you try to do it without transitions, you may end up with angled cuts along long walls, which can look lousy. Transitions allow you to make minor adjustments for out of square areas at the transition. The stone look laminates don't show out of square as much as strip floor patterns, but it can still be noticeable. Good luck!
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Just realized the old vinyl/linoleum has a 9" square grid pattern throughout. 8" would have been perfect as the new pieces are 16" wide.
That will help definitely help with layout.
Thanks for the replies.
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Probably a bit late, but I would start at the very longest stretch.
So basically in the space south of the laundry room along the North wall there, through the hallway and into the kitchen.

Basically the area you'll be walking and looking at the boards.

You can do the whole floor without transititon strips in those doorways.
It just gets tricky to cut the boards.
Also, you can end up with quite skinny boards along the wall on the other side of the doorway.
But you can glue those skinny boards to the next full board and weight them down with a box of laminates overnight.

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