Odd Smell

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Odd Smell

How strange, I have been having a similar problem. We removed all carpeting in my upstairs and installed a laminate floating floor. I prepped the subfloor, and cleaned it well with vinegar and borox as we had a mold problem and a pet urine issue.

We also had to remove the shower as that was growing mold and the wall was crumbling.

Ever since we finished I am catching a wiff of something and I cannot figure it out. It floats on the air, about head level, its the worst right under the attic access point, but I have smelled it in all rooms right when I enter.

I don't know what it is, and I don't think its pet urine. We do have an exposed drain pipe in the bathroom that I covered with wood till the plumber returns. I thought maybe it was the old water in the drain pipe, but it smells almost floral like someone went nuts with the febreeze.

I am stumped..i hope its just the drain pipe. But it is a weird smell. Mold, drain water,urine, new floor? I don't know. good luck getting to the bottom of your mystery smell, Im busy trying to figure out mine!
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I have moved your question to a new thread so that the previous open thread will not be confused with your current issue.

Give us as much information as you can. Pet urine in wood subflooring is tough stuff. Many times you need to encapsulate it with a shellac of some sort. May need to pull back the laminate to do this. Stuff a rag into the pipe until the plumber can fix what ever is wrong with the pipe.
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The drain probably isn't the smell, but I would plug the drain until shower is fixed. Here's a typical plug, measure the diameter you need:

Oatey 2 in. Gripper Mechanical Plastic Test Plug-33401 - The Home Depot
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I agree that encapsulating urine stains/odors with a pigmented shellac like Zinnser's BIN is the best way to go! If it isn't real bad you can get by with using an oil base primer. The main thing is to apply a heavy fluid coat that covers the entire area in question. Personally I'd always coat any suspect areas prior to installing a new floor.

If the odor is from the new floor, fresh air ventilation will remove the odor although it may take some time. Capping the drain will eliminate any odor from that.
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Some laminates give off a plastic odor for a while, it is almost a sweet smell.
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I am having a hard time thinking it is pet urine. The carpets were extensively cleaned with pet odor removal, and then obviously we pulled them all out. Their were some stains on the subfloor, but I don't remember it really smelling AT ALL.

Why would it smell now, and not before we put int he laminate floor? The dog that the urine is from has been dead for 5 years now..so its strange it would suddenly smell when we removed the carpet. Unless we have freed the odor!

The laminate flooring is i believe, hampton bay in pacific cherry. It has the backing already on the pieces, and no glue was used.
My mother and I installed it outselves, as we could not afford a new wood floor at this time and the carpet was moldy in some areas. Could the laminate be off gassing? Why would it smell floral?

Im hoping it just goes away after awhile. It seems to be concentrated right under the attic access door and next to a bookcase. I honestly thought my mother had sprayed febreze there or something!

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