Drafts at ends of laminate installation


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Drafts at ends of laminate installation

I've done all the prepwork to level and install my laminate flooring, however there is a gap between the end of the drywall and the floor that allows drafts to come in.

With the flooring down and the baseboards installed, this gap is covered easily but my concern is the floor will warp / contract with the draft coming in direct contact with it. Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I put insulation in the gaps to block the drafts first?
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You can caulk the sill plate to the subfloor and foam any gap between drywall and subfloor. There should usually be a 1/2" gap there.
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Agree with X. I usually foam the gap with can foam, let it cure completely, and then cut it flush with the wall using a small saw. Just be careful to cover and mask off everything nearby; that foam makes a mess. I use the low expanding type because it's easier to not overfill the gap.
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Access under that floor?
Sure sounds like the rim joist have never been sealed or someone cut out the old floor and did not add blocking between new floor and under the bottom plate in the wall.
You'll find out real quick trying to use spray foam there is going to be a mess.

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