Crooked/Slanted hearth - gunstock oak 2-1/4 inch hardwood flooring


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Crooked/Slanted hearth - gunstock oak 2-1/4 inch hardwood flooring

I am replacing carpet with 2-1/4 3/4 oak hardwood flooring in my family room to match the existing hardwood flooring in the kitchen/breakfast area. It is an open layout. The fireplace and the hearth that extents almost 3 feet ( 2 ft for the fireplace , 1 ft marble hearth) out of one wall is slanted by almost 2 inches. I am planning to abut the new hardwood to the existing floor.

If i were to picture frame the hearth and align the lines of the new flooring to the existing flooring, the hearth would easily stand out as crooked,

If i were to lay the new floor strips exactly parallel to the hearth. they would look slanted relative to the existing flooring.

One option I thought about is to change the direction of hardwood to lie perpendicular to the existing flooring and the hearth to hopefully minimize the crooked visual effect as it would move it to the short side of the hearth though it may not eliminate it totally. The house is just 5 years old with sub floor made out of floorboards which hopefully should be able to hold the hardwood strips parallel to the joists. Not sure if it will work though

Any suggestions to minimize the visual impact with less effort ? Also thought of diagonal layout but it will be too complicated to handle for a novice like me.

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Did you buy the materials yet? I would put some boards in place just to see how they look. It's better than guessing. Post some pics if you can.
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You might reconsider diagonal. It really isn't that complicated. I think it fell out of favor (it was very popular around here in the 80's) simply because of the extra install time involved and the waste.

If you are installing the floor yourself time is probably less of a consideration than it is for a flooring contractor.
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Thanks. I am buying the wood tomorrow from local homedepot. I am first time for hardwood installation. Diagonal seems hard to tackle when i think of it but if that is only option remains after trying out the layout once i buy the material, maybe I will have to take it on.
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Your hardwood should almost ALWAYS be run perpendicular to your floor joists... not parallel to them. So I would suggest you perish the thought of running flooring parallel with your joists.

I'd also say you should consider using a wider (5 1/2") picture frame trim. Keep your flooring perpendicular & parallel to the majority of the walls as it should be, forget the crookedness of the hearth. Keep your flooring cutout perfectly straight and square with the rest of the floor and taper the INSIDE perimeter of the picture frame as needed. I think you will find that if you use a wider board for the picture frame, that any taper will be far less noticeable than it would be with a 2 1/4" trim.

If you carefully measure the widths of your rooms on each end, and check them for square you may be able to find a happy medium that will reduce the taper at the hearth without creating a noticeable taper at any wall or threshold.
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Here is a picture of diagonal flooring alongside my hearth. I would trim the hearth and layout the flooring diagonally to see how it looks. It seems that in front of the fireplace each diagonal strip could be cut to suit the angle of the hearth. Nothing a miter saw and a protractor couldn't handle. Two inches spread over the length of a 6' hearth probably wouldn't be noticable at all.

If that doesn't seem workable you haven't lost anything but a few minutes of time.

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