Laminate over house sub-floor, essentially a deck


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Laminate over house sub-floor, essentially a deck


I live on the coast in California. We have a small beach house, which is our primary residence. It's almost 100 yrs old. Some day.... we may do a decent remodel, but for now we are just dealing with the way it is, and adding creature comforts. Here is my question:

Is there a way that I can install a floating laminate flooring system, without rotting my "subfloor?" The house is built like most decks. Our current flooring is 3/4" fir (rough, and semi-finished, but permeable,) over 2x6 joists, on top of 6x6 beams, posted off of 6x6 posts, going down to pier blocks. There is 36" of space under the house with air passing though freely. There is no insulation under the house. Is there a way that I could put down laminate, without collecting moisture on the underside, and rotting my 3/4"fir?

I guess it's also helpful to know that our house has single pane, double hung windows, drafty doors, etc...

Thanks in advance for your brain-power, and time.
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Welcome to the forums!

I am not sure why you think a floating laminate floor would rot your sub flooring. As long as the sub flooring is sound, and you follow the manufactures install instructions, I see no reason a floating floor would not be OK.
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Thanks for the welcome!

My thinking was that I would get condensation on the underside of the laminate, because I have no insulation, no vapor barrier. Is this incorrect thinking? I don't mean to start a dew point, condensation talk here, I know how that goes... Just not sure if I can expect moisture problems in this application.

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I give the laminate a year before it is destroyed from the uprising moisture. The subflooring will probably be OK. Hopefully your long range plans call for insulating and covering under the floor as well as installing a proper subflooring over your planking.
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Now's the time to install that new subfloor before the laminate.
In your cause I might even consider 3/4" Advantech because of the way under sized floor joists.

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