Use leveling compound on part of basement floor?


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Use leveling compound on part of basement floor?

I laid DriCore on my (uneven) concrete basement floor. I wound up using many more of the plastic shims than the manufacturer recommends. Approximately half way back from the front of the basement, the downward slope increases and the Dricore feels less stable. I've decided that I need to use leveling compound to resolve this issue. My question is, would it make sense for me to remove roughly half of the Dricore panels (uncovering the part of the floor that is most uneven) and use the leveling compound on just that portion of the floor, with the other Dricore panels in place?

I've never used leveling compound before and have been learning from some web sites and Youtube clips.

Thanks for any input.

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Have used my fair share of leveling compound, but never used DriCore (no basements in my neck of the woods, all crawl spaces). You need to prime the concrete first and then pour. Make sure your brand can be poured as thick as needed in one pour or multiple pours will be needed. Think of trying to control pouring pancake batter consistency cement down between your joists and then spreading it around. It will be messy, it will use a lot more than you think to complete the job. But we can't see what you see, so make your best judgement.

You can add pictures of the gaps if it will help others chime in.
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Thank you for the reply, Czizzi. This morning, I took up half of the DriCore (the manufacturer told me that it is no problem taking it apart and reinstalling). I used way more shims (with a total thickness of roughly 3/4" in the back portion of the basement. The part that is still down has a maximum of 1 shim.
Because it would be a royal pain for me to have to move all of my belongings off the remaining Dricore, I am wondering if I can use the leveling compound on the 1/2 of the concrete floor that is now exposed, and then IF NEEDED, do some more leveling in the other 1/2 of the basement.

I don't want to do this poorly and have to re-do again...

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