indents on hardwood floor and uneven coloring


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indents on hardwood floor and uneven coloring

Hi, I just sanded my floor and stained it, and it is coming out with dings (imperfections) and also there are indents where the nails are.. what can I do to fix this?
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Below are my photos. Appreciate your help!
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Live with it. Make friends with words like "patina" and "character".

Seriously, are you open to the option of completely sanding and re-finishing the floor again?
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yes. I have the machine ready. Please tell me what to do.
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To get rid of the dents and imperfections you will have to sand down below the lowest dent, and that can require removing a lot of material. I like PDs suggestion of "patina", seriously. It will help mask future dents and scratches. And you're done.

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I agree, too much work to fix it [sand and start over] plus once the furniture is put back in the room maybe a throw rug here or there - it won't take you long not to notice it anymore.
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From my experience, you might get in over your head if you try to make an old floor look perfect.
It will take a drum sander and the wood needs filled with a paste wood filler. The paste filler is not easy to apply and finish properly. It can make a floor look great, or ruin it.

The floor looks good IMO and I like the level of sheen.
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Go to a matte finish on your poly as it will be more likely to not show imperfections like a gloss finish would,

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