Bruce hardwood floors.Finish issues?


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Question Bruce hardwood floors.Finish issues?

Bruce Hardwood Floors. One are lost shine. What to do?

I have about 2 boards that are about 12 inches long that lost their entire shiny finish. I guess the 2 dogs must have liked that area. It does not need repair other than some poly coat.

I called the manufacturer who would not answer my questions nor offer any advice on the below I am hopeful you can assist me.

I have 2 questions assuming these are the correct to ask. I don't know...

1. Should I use a water or oil based poly urethane?

2. To me the floor looks glossy, I assume I should use a Gloss as opposed to a satin or semi? Once I lay down a something other than a Gloss I would have a problem if I needed a shinier finish. The manufacturer would not even tell me what "gloss sheen" was used.

That's about it
I thank you in advance
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Have you tried any of the rejuvenate products that are on the market now? I don't refinish floors so take the advice as such. But I would try some other methods first. If you try to poly two individual boards, they will still stand out only from a shine perspective rather than a dull perspective.
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Is it something that would show up in a pic? vv

Oil base poly dries to a harder film and is slightly shinier than it's water based counterpart. Getting the sheen right might be a challenge. The 3 most common sheens are satin, semi-gloss and gloss. 2 different sheens can be mixed together to fine tune the sheen. Just be sure to sand and paint only the affected boards. Applying poly to a half board or running it over into the next board will always show!

Nothing wrong with trying Z's suggestion of using a restore type product or wax, just keep in mind that those products need to be removed before you can apply poly. This can normally be accomplished by wiping down the area with a solvent.

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