Can I weave in "click" flooring


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Can I weave in "click" flooring

I opened up a wall in a friends kitchen, and I need to add about a foot along the cut end of "click lock" bamboo flooring for about 12 feet, around 25 planks or so. I think my two options are to either take up the entire floor but un-clicking it and putting longer planks in, which he has because I'm taking it out of another room. Or I hope I might be able to weave longer planks in by cutting out the last plank in each row, and sliding in a longer piece. Since I can get to the end now that the wall is removed, I imagine tapping gently on the end to insert it between two other planks. I know I won't be able to lock in the short ends, but I may be able to lock in the long tongues this way.

I hope I'm explaining this well enough. Any help is much appreciated.
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All you can do is try. I think that friction is not going to be your friend on this, but it will come down to how tight the click lock tolerances are. Even with a tapping block, you need to watch that you don't blow out the short end trying to get it to slide. The short ends are usually the weak link when it comes to tapping. One or two, and you are OK, try to hit it 12 times and you may have failure.

How many "rows" are you inserting? You say 25 tiles, how big of a space are you trying to fill?
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I have slid click flooring about three feet with one side's tongue & groove engaged but it got quite difficult after the first foot. So you might be able to slide new flooring in a foot with both sides engaged. I think the difficult part will be engaging the tongue & grooves but you'll just have to try and see if it can be done.

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