Reinstalling hardwood, 2nd/3rd time


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Reinstalling hardwood, 2nd/3rd time

I don't know all the details but a buddy of mine has to take up some hardwood flooring to fix/repair some boards.

I was thinking of any concerns and could only come up with that boards would be re-nailed along the same row and that a possibly exists an attachment point may not be virgin.

One floor will be the 3rd install.

Wondering if it would be advisable to install a 1/2 board to shift the nailing pattern?

Would have to live with the looks but they have lots of area rugs. Under the circumstance maybe good option!
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I wouldn't be overly concerned. Adhesive and/or face nailing could be used to secure the flooring if you are convinced the nails thru the tongue won't hold. It would bug me to make a repair that didn't line up with the rest!

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