Matching 50 year old red oak. Help!?


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Matching 50 year old red oak. Help!?

Just bought a new house and after removing the carpet we discovered beautiful red oak hardwood flooring (2 1/4).

The home was remodeled 20 years or so ago and one of the rooms (which was extended during the remodel) only has hardwood flooring for 2/3 of it. The other 1/3 is standard floor board.

I am planning on refinishing the wood myself. But first I am trying to match the hardwood so that I can finish the room that has only 2/3 hardwood. I have narrowed it down to needing unfinished red oak #1 common grade (tongue and groove). problem. The original boards are varying lengths between 9" and 17" or so. Random, but definitely between those lengths. I can't find boards that are "medium" length, only shorts (6-9") and longs (3 ft average).

Does anyone have any advice on where to find the correct lengths? Also, would it be okay to just get the longs and cut them down shorter? If I did that, the ends wouldn't be attached via tongue and groove, just the sides (long way). Since I'm nailing them down, would that be a problem?

Much appreciated - any advice, other ideas, etc.
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As long as the width is correct the length isn't that big of a deal. I'd utilize the tongue on the replacement boards and on the other end cut a rabbet so the top of the board sets on the top of the tongue of the existing board. If you are hand nailing the boards it would be best to predrill the hole thru the hardwood.
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Get the 3 foot boards and you can make 2 boards out of it. One 9" and one 17". A chop saw with a good blade will be necessary.
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You could also see if there is enough existing wood flooring in closets that you could remove and use to finish the room. Then use the new flooring to repair the closets. That way the visible wood would be the same age and hopefully be a perfect match.
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Thanks everyone, much appreciated. There are some in closets that I will utilize. There will still be some more needed, so I will probably end up getting the longer boards and cut rabbets on the ends that are needed. Great call.

I thought I'd also get quotes from local custom mills who might be able to provide the lengths needed (random in between 9" and 17" or so).

I'll be sure to post a pic when I'm all done. Thanks again

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